(Brussels) – A new report from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noting Senegal’s continued failure to bring former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré to justice, vindicates demands that Senegal should swiftly extradite Habré to Belgium to face trial, Human Rights Watch and Chadian victims’ groups said today.

In a report made public on June 20, 2012, Secretary Clinton said that, “After 20 years, the victims deserve justice and their day in court.” Clinton urged the Senegalese government to take “concrete steps” to prosecute Habré in Senegal or extradite him to Belgium.

Habré is accused of responsibility for thousands of political killings and systematic torture when he ruled Chad from 1982 to 1990. He has been living in exile in Senegal for more than 21 years but has yet to face justice there. Habré is wanted by Belgium on charges of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and torture.

“Hillary Clinton has recognized the suffering of Habré’s victims and the need for justice as swiftly as possible,” said Jacqueline Moudeïna, lawyer for Habré’s victims and the president of the Chadian Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights. “At this stage, the only realistic option for swift justice means Habré’s extradition to Belgium, where he can be tried quickly. Otherwise we will be stuck in Senegal for many more years.”
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Regardons ce reportage vidéo de la situation actuelle au Tchad… Les français souffle le chaud et le froid !

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